Early Learning Inclusive Independent School

Key Programmatic Features

  • Learning in nature and at the Denver Museum of Nature and Science
  • Small class sizes (5:1 student to teacher ratios)
  • Inclusive
  • STEM + Art/Design curriculum
  • Real-world learning
  • Forest School
  • Focus on social and emotional development
  • Individualized learning
  • Multi-age classrooms
  • Microschool
  • Supportive environment for twice-exceptional students

We envision an inclusive community where all students have individualized learning plans tailored to their specific needs and aptitudes.


Social & Emotional Learning with Dr. Ali Hill

Mission and Vision Statements

Worldmind envisions an inclusive community where we celebrate our differences in safe, natural environments, and ignite a greater love and appreciation for ourselves, learning, and the world.

​We reunite children with the natural world by creating mindful, interest-based outdoor experiences which spark engagement, development, awareness, and community through transformative experiential education. We intentionally link our students’ understanding of bio and social diversity, so they evolve into compassionate, self-actualized members of our local and global communities.


Promote understanding of wellness, self-care, and natural appreciation.


Develop pathways for learning and knowledge application.


Create positive social and emotional development for cognitive and personal growth.

Early Learning for Ages 3-4

Classes are held at City Park and the Denver Museum of Nature & Science for facility use and other support.

Real-World Learning

Teaching Towards Sustainability

Worldmind incorporates an even balance of head (academic achievement), heart (character-building and well-being), and hand (problem-solving, creating, and idea development). This is accomplished through a carefully crafted curriculum that incorporates Real-World Learning. Real-World Learning lends itself to place-based and project-based approaches to pedagogy.

Real-World Learning also incorporates civic education. Through this innovative type of education, teachers can encourage students to see not only their home and school, but also the city and surrounding areas in which they are located, as a real world classroom. Teachers will assign projects that help students to map and engage with real world issues and initiatives in the community. This will be accomplished through multiple field trips throughout the school year. Field trips bring people together in ways that go beyond traditional classroom experiences.

Emergent Curriculum

An emergent curriculum focuses on the process of learning that emerges from the children. It is designed to be open-ended and self-directed in order to meet the needs and interests of every student. It relies on teacher initiative and students’ intrinsic motivation. The components of an emergent curriculum are: students’ interests, teachers’ and accompanied adults’ interests, developmental tasks, things in the physical environment, people in the social environment, curriculum resource materials, unexpected events, living together, conflict resolution and routines, values help in the school and community, family, and culture.

Ecological Consciousness

The Worldmind curriculum connects children to the dynamic ecological systems in Colorado through a series of season-based units that prescribe carefully crafted learning experiences. This pedagogy helps students address past, present, and future ecological issues, and enhances their understanding of an interconnected ecological system. Our curriculum is research-based and provides developmentally appropriate activities in nature so that students can master and integrate ecological consciousness into their lives.

Forest School

Forest School is a unique learning philosophy that offers people of all ages the opportunity to learn personal, social, technical, academic and environmental skills in a natural environment. This part of our curriculum combines environmental education with forest school skills which include: fire skills (building, lighting, maintaining, cooking, putting out, and leave no trace), forest tools (using a variety of different tools to create with wood), nature art and design, and shelter building.


Vocabulary is a key component of reading and writing development. Studies have shown that free play in nature can significantly enhance children’s vocabulary development. We have a story time daily, and children practice writing and drawing in their nature journals. Nature journaling helps children stimulate curiosity about the world around them and develop a sense of place and their role in that place. This practice involves stopping and watching how something works and recording it through writing, drawing and collecting. We use nature journals daily to help students record their observations, perceptions, and feelings about the natural world around them.

Mindfulness & Yoga

Worldmind believes that learning about your mind and body and the connection between them is an important part of school. We practice mindfulness — the practice of nurturing a focused awareness on the present — through a series of exercises every morning and encourage students to use it as needed throughout the day. Mindfulness is a growing practice that has been shown to help reduce stress, improve sleep quality, and heighten focus. Incorporated with our mindfulness approach, students are exposed to the practice of yoga at their developmentally appropriate level. Children are able to explore using their bodies in new ways to develop strength, flexibility, and coordination.

Early Learning Inclusive Independent School for Ages 3-4

Worldmind Preschool Tuition & Schedule

Full Day Classes

Days Time Annual Tuition
Mon-Fri 8:45-3:30 (Drop-off begins at 8:25) $14,350
Mon, Wed, Fri 8:45-3:30 (Drop-off begins at 8:25) $9,030
Tues/Thurs 8:45-3:30 (Drop-off begins at 8:25) $6,160

Half Day Classes

Days Time Annual Tuition
Mon-Fri 8:45-12:30 (Drop-off begins at 8:25) $8,950
Mon, Wed, Fri 8:45-12:30 (Drop-off begins at 8:25) $5,640
Tues/Thurs 8:45-12:30 (Drop-off begins at 8:25) $3,456

In addition to the online enrollment, the following forms are required in order for your child to attend:

Parent Authorizations

General Health Appraisal and Immunization