Homeschool Enrichment

Learn personal, social, technical, academic and environmental skills in a natural environment.

Afterschool Enrichment

Connect with Worldmind students, and engage in activities that sharpen creativity and problem-solving skills.

Family Camping

Family and community-centric experiences amongst the natural beauty of Colorado ecological systems.

Child and Caregiver

Guide your child through the educational process in a fun and enriching environment.

Homeschool Enrichment

Worldmind is one of the first Forest Schools in Colorado. Forest School is a unique learning philosophy that offers people of all ages the opportunity to learn personal, social, technical, academic and environmental skills in a natural environment. Our homeschool enrichment program combines environmental education with forest school skills which include; fire skills (building, lighting, maintaining, cooking, putting out, and leave no trace), forest tools (using a variety of different tools to create with wood), nature art and design, and shelter building.

Fall Session 2020

Prospect Park, Wheat Ridge

August 17 – December 18

Options Time Tuition
Wednesday 9am-3pm $1275
Friday 1pm-4pm $600

Winter Session 2021

Prospect Park, Wheat Ridge

January 5 – February 26

Spring Session 2020

Prospect Park

March 1 – June 11

Homeschool Enrichment Tuition and Payment Policy
Homeschool Enrichment programs are billed per session. Payment is required in full for each session at the time of enrollment via electronic or personal check.

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Afterschool Enrichment

Join the club! Worldmind after-school enrichment is designed to bring students together, inspire creativity and innovative thinking, and build problem-solving and social-emotional skills. From art to Legos to nature to chess, all clubs are 4:00-5:00 PM during the week and are open to the public.

Creativity Club

9/21/20 – 12/14/20

Mondays 4:00-5:00 PM


During this 11 week session, we will make fun art pieces using natural materials, along with learning new skills such as: weaving, sewing, and macrame (possibly tie dye with natural dyes). This is an opportunity for students to create something with their hands, gain new skills, and meet other students in the Worldmind community. This is for all ages and grade levels.

Lego Club

9/22/20 – 12/15/20

Tuesdays 4:00-5:00 PM


Lego Club allows students’ creativity to flow.

Building with Legos promotes critical thinking and perspective and design, and Legos are a great way to excite children about problem solving and innovative thinking.

We will engage children in engineering design challenges.

Naturalists Club

9/23/20 – 12/16/20

Wednesdays 4:00-5:00 PM


This club is a journey in exploring our local resources and discovering how we are all connected in the natural world. Our purpose will actively promote knowledge, appreciation, and preservation of our natural environment and inspire a community of young naturalists by providing children the opportunity to connect with nature.

Chess Club

9/24/20 – 12/17/20

Thursdays 4:00-5:00 PM


Join us for an 11 week session about chess.

Students will learn to play the game of chess, a little about the history of chess, and practice playing chess with fellow Worldmind students of all ages.

Family Camping Trips


Colorado has a lot to offer in the way of outdoor family adventures. With beautiful seasons to experience, Worldmind encourages you to experience each one in a new and exciting way through family camping trips.

These trips are designed for a family and community-centric experience amongst the natural beauty and abundant Colorado ecological systems. Camping trips are a great way to take a break from your normal routine and become mindful of the amazing surroundings, just a car ride away.

Colorado Cabin Trip

Offered one weekend every January

$350 per family

Join us for this spectacular family getaway! Meet other families and relax in the various natural hot springs the resort has to offer and enjoy an exciting snowshoe trip through St Elmo, one of the most well-preserved ghost towns in Colorado.

Utah (During spring break)

$150 per family

Quiet campground perfect for exploring the spectacular Canyon Rims Recreation Area. Located 38 miles southwest of Moab, the campground is nestled against the smooth sandstone of Roan Bailey Mesa. At approximately 6,000 feet in elevation, it is somewhat cooler than Moab. A one-mile nature trail starts in the campground. Nighttime brings excellent star gazing opportunities. Toilets: Yes Hook-ups: No, but can bring trailers.

Hagerman Lake Backpacking Trip

Leadville, CO

Offered one weekend every July

This easy, interesting hike walks along sections of the Colorado Midland railroad bed to Hagerman Tunnel (11,528-ft.), the highest railroad tunnel in the world at the time it was built in 1887. Construction of the line, the first standard gauge line to cross the Continental Divide, is considered by some to be one of the greatest feats in railroad history. Along the way, the trail traverses pretty meadows, visits two small lakes and passes the remains of trestles, snow sheds, cuts through solid rock and the ruins of Douglass City, which housed immigrants that built the line.

Child and Caregiver Forest School

Child and Caregiver Forest School is currently postponed until further notice due to COVID-19.

Learning alongside your child can help to stimulate social and communicative skills while developing meaningful emotional bonds and creating memories. Immerse yourself and your child in nature though Worldmind’s blended curriculum of discovery-based ecological consciousness.

It is important for children to feel support and companionship from adult caregivers in their lives, whether you are a parent, grandparent or guardian, experiencing nature with your child is a great way to pull the both of you away from digital distractions and encourage meaningful exploration and creativity.

Budding Butterflies

Designed for ages 9 months to 24 months.

Creative Critters

Designed for ages 2 years to 6 years.


Guide your child through the educational process in a fun and enriching environment.


Encourage exploration, discovery, and creativity in the world around your child.


Create meaningful social and emotional bonds through experiences together.

Child & Caregiver and Homeschool Enrichment Tuition and Payment Policy
Child & Caregiver and Homeschool Enrichment programs are billed per session payment is required in full for each session at the time of enrollment via electronic or personal check.