Early Learning through 5th Grade Inclusive Independent School

Opening August 2020

Key Programmatic Features

  • Learning in nature and at the Denver Museum of Nature and Science
  • Small class sizes (8:1 student to teacher ratios K-5 and 5:1 student to teacher ratios preschool)
  • Inclusive
  • STEM + Art/Design curriculum
  • Real-world learning
  • Forest Schools
  • Focus on social and emotional development
  • Individualized learning
  • Multi-age classrooms
  • Microschool
  • Robotics with the Colorado School of Mines
  • Supportive environment for twice-exceptional students

We envision an inclusive community where all students have individualized learning plans tailored to their specific needs and aptitudes.


Social & Emotional Learning with Dr. Ali Hill

Mission and Vision Statements

Worldmind envisions an inclusive community where we celebrate our differences in safe, natural environments, and ignite a greater love and appreciation for ourselves, learning, and the world.

​We reunite children with the natural world by creating mindful, interest-based outdoor experiences which spark engagement, development, awareness, and community through transformative experiential education. We intentionally link our students’ understanding of bio and social diversity, so they evolve into compassionate, self-actualized members of our local and global communities.


Promote understanding of wellness, self-care, and natural appreciation.


Develop pathways for learning and knowledge application.


Create positive social and emotional development for cognitive and personal growth.

Early Learning through Fifth Grade Classes

Classes are held at City Park and the Denver Museum of Nature & Science for facility use and other support.