Worldmind inspires children to enjoy and appreciate learning through mindful, child-led outdoor experiences. Students who actively participate in the world outside their window often become more attentive, joyful and less anxious, which opens the mind to clear learning pathways. Our unique educational curriculum promotes important educational principles as well as a compassionate understanding of bio and social diversity that lasts a lifetime.

About Megan Patterson

Head of School

While working on her graduate degree in Ecological Teaching and Learning at Lesley University, Megan Patterson discovered the Forest School  model of learning and development. After teaching in public school settings all over the world for several years and conducting extensive research on the Forest School model of education, she knew this was the type of learning environment she wanted for her own son.

As part of her graduate thesis, Megan formed a group of passionate community members who came together to develop Worldmind and bring the forest school movement to the Greater Denver Area.

Worldmind successfully completed the first outdoor-based preschool and kindergarten pilot program with the State of Colorado this year and participated in a second full-day outdoor-based preschool and kindergarten pilot program with the State in August 2019.

Worldmind launched Worldmind Preparatory School, a new K-5 elementary school, in August 2020.

Worldmind has worked with the Denver Museum of Nature & Science since 2017 for facility use and other support.


Worldmind will be working with the Happiness Therapy Center (HTC) in order to provide students with an education specifically designed for them. Worldmind will work with HTC to provide support, resources, and expertise to the Worldmind community, so we can work together to support all students.


Worldmind’s Nondiscrimination Policy