Early Childhood Outdoor-Based Education

Worldmind Nature Immersion School inspires children to enjoy and appreciate the natural world through mindful, child-led outdoor experiences without neglecting important academic principals. Students who actively participate in the world outside their window often become more attentive, joyful and less anxious, which opens the mind to clear learning pathways. Our unique educational curriculum promotes important educational principles as well as a compassionate understanding of bio and social diversity that lasts a lifetime.

Traditional academic achievements occur organically in an interactive and responsive learning environment, preparing your child for life-long learning success.

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Preschool & Kindergarten

In a digitally charged age, it is important for children to be exposed early on to the wonders of the natural world around them. This fundamental education can help children be academically prepared, become more self-aware and understand the tangible ways in which the world exists.

Outdoor Education Programs

Child and Caregiver

Guide your child through the educational process in a fun and enriching environment.

Homeschool Enrichment

Learn personal, social, technical, academic and environmental skills in a natural environment.

Drop-In Classes

Get outdoors for a fun and educational experience that will inspire wonder and curiosity.

Summer Camp

What could be more fun than exploring the great outdoors through research-based activities?!

Family Camping

Family and community-centric experiences amongst the natural beauty of Colorado ecological systems.

Pioneering Outdoor-Based Education

Build confidence and inspire curiosity

Promote creativity and imagination

Discover and appreciate the natural world

Provide tangible mental and physical stimulation

What Our Families Say

“WNIS is the kind of place you can leave your child knowing that they will be empathized with, understood, and empowered – rare but highly valued qualities.”